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85th: Monika- Czech Republic

CZ monika1



“Dear Monika,

Thx a lot for the cool old train card! I’ll treasure this for sure!, eventhough it’s old but I hope I have this kind of transportation in my hometown. I wish I can visit your hometown someday.

I love the stamp too which is the same train as the postcard. Also the stamps of Chryzantema, it is the same as Chrystanmum right?
I used to taste the flower through a sip of chrysantemum juice and tea. It has a light yet lovely taste.
I love this flower too, in my graduatuon ceremony last week I saw a flower seller with Chrysantemum and I hope I can buy it for myself, but since it was pretty crowded, I was just passing by. Ahhh unfortunately!
My city has lots of traffic jam lately, especially during holiday or when it held such a big event, such as graduation ceremony. So I hope we can have more convenient public transportations. We have bunch of attractions here, so many tourists are coming, adding more alternative convenient public transportation is the best option. It’s a nice place with lots of things to offer though.
Be sure to visit here, I can give you a tour for free.


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