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84th: Nora-Ireland

IE Nora1


“Dear Nora,

This is my first postcard from Ireland! Thx a bunch! map postcard is always become my fave!

Wahhh so you work in post office for almost 15 years? That’s awesome! I believe you love your job so much. The post man in my country has an uniform which is SHOCKING orange as well as our national post office color.
From far away we can see if they are approahing our mail box. Hahahaha.
I love to visit post office, especially spending time there in philately corner where I always buy a postcard, unique and thematic stamp (for general stamp we can buy it in counter), and envelope. My fave one is thematic stamp, oftenly it is sold one package with the envelope and postcard.
I hope I can visit Ireland especially your hometown in Galway also your office.
Btw we have a lot in common, I love reading, traveling, and taking a photograph. It’s very nice to know you.



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