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81st: Katia- Russia


“Dear Katia,

Thank you very much for the lovely Russian little red riding hood. I want to hold those bun red cheeks… Ahahaha! She’s so cute!
Sorry anyway, honestly your postcard had arrived around 10 days ago, but due to my bad health condition (I hospitalized for around 5 days) and need a bed rest, I couldn’t register your card. My bad. I suppose I overworked and abused myself lately, so my body was over-exhausted.

I’m recovering myself now, after the doctor had allowed me to go home my daddy took me outside for a while and everything seems more colorful. I never felt, saw, even smelt that way before, the trees seem greener, the birds seem merrier, the air seem softer.. It’s such a blessing from God for being healthy.
One thing that keep my spirit when I was hospitalized is I want to keep on living since there are lots of places I haven’t been before. I want to go there, feel so many things there, experience lots of things. And your card gives me lots of energy. Thanks once more. I hope someday I can visit your home town.
If you want to visit my home town, Bandung, feel free to contact me.. I can give you a tour for free. We have bunch of historical, natural, cultural attractions to explore!



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