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My Postcard: ZOE Cafe & Library

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library (Jorge Luis Borges)

Dear friends,

In my stressful time, free time, happy time, exciting time, depressing time, wavering heart time, heart pounding time… library is my cozy place to take a lil’ break from the unexpected real life.

I’ve been becoming a member in several libraries in my home town,since a little kid. I spent a lot of time in libraries, and I experienced that almost half of the them were closing down, because of…yeah you know internet is sure a massive influence for our printed materials.

The rest of them that remained are the one who keep innovating and adapting with the internet era.

Felt blue with one of my beloved library near my senior high school decision: closing down!, I searched for many other libraries in 2013. On Sunday morning in early 2015 I rode my bike with mom and passed by a sort of cafe. It was still close since it was 7 AM and got to read the board which was written “ZOE” (cafe, shop, books). ZOE stand for Zone Of Entertainment. And lately, I know that this ZOE has lots of branches around Indonesia. Where have I been? hahahaha

Wait… What!? books?! I suddenly remembered my friend told me there was a nice library in Jl. Pagergunung 3, Bandung!

And… I went there in the day after. It was around 3 in the afternoon, it was quite busy day there but still… you can feel the atmosphere of “library”, it is always different! and look I succeed to capture the empty seats!


I entered and… *gasp *swoon ahahahaha It’s cool small library. The wall was covered by books, books, books, books everywhere, you even can find the rare one, I checked and even my fave manga has 3 or 4 copies for a volume. For manga lovers this is a PARADISE!

I ensure you, this is also a paradise for novel or rare book lovers. hehehe.








BOOK shelf! I never get bore to see this pic

I didn’t expect this small library which was also a cafe could be like this… WOW!

I immediately decided to become the member, I paid the registration fee and they told me the member card  will take a month. It’s OK I said.

And I began to take the books and started to read there! Ahhh it was so much fun!

Then… I was busy with my thesis and went back after a month… voila! my card was ready. and…*gasp once more. It’s not written “CARD MEMBER and RULES” and bla bla bla… instead READING LICENSE! Wow! the card is fancy and similar with my driving license.. ahahahaha!

20150906_222739 MemberCardAfter got the card I observed the librarian desk and found POSTCARDS! YEY!

The landscape on it were great, but unfortunately most of them are not taken in Indonesia, so I can’t send it to my pen pals. I chose the buildings scenery, I suppose they located in somewhat east asia country. Cool building landscape in sky-view captured perspective.


My third times went there, I took more pictures then the librarian was asked me to stop taking pictures, ouuu that was the rule! No taking a picture or bring your camera to the library. How come?! I’ve already done that before ( for 2 times during my last visit). Yeah new rule. I tried to explain that this was only for my blog, not commercial or whatsoever purposes.  BUT…no means no.

So, these pics here are expensive! put the copyrights and link to my blog if you want to copy it! Respect the copyrights dude. he… *smirk

I ended to read comics as usual. Ah… I don’t wanna back to the reality and make this as my second home.

Many Grateful for life,


P.S.: And… for ending quote in this post I take Charlie Brown’s (What a coincidence, I like his quote and has been checked lots of them recently since Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso’s influence, hahaha. And I found it written on my reading License.)

MemberCard“Happiness is a stack of comic books!– Charlie Brown”


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