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78th: Danbo- China


“Dear Danbo,

Thanks a bunch for one of your lovely county spot.. I hope someday I can visit your home town, I believe it’s a beautiful city. I wonder what kind of Ma Yang county is.

Btw I wonder what is this? is this sort of historcal monument?

In my city, we have one community caled ALEUT (the name is coming from my local language, Sundanese, which means WANDERING AROUND). Their weekly activity is going around the city spot which has the historical background  and learn more about it. I’m one of the non-active member hehehe, since on Sunday it’s not my day off. One of my foreigner friend join this community’s activity and learn as well as took a lot of cool pictures. She said she enjoyed it a lot, since they work like tour guides, exploring the interesting city spots, you can contacting them and join the tour…. for FREE!

Check this: https://aleut.wordpress.com/

Love and see you in Indonesia!,


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