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77th: Ryoma- China


“Dear Ryoma,

thx a lot for the monkeys, this would be my fave indeed!

I always love monkey. When you look into their eyes.. FEELS! I suppose we can understand each other even with staring and using telepathy language only. Hahahha. I can’t help myself to jump approached the white fur with red nose monkey when they warmed up themselves in the hot spring. The black or grey one is adorable too.
I want to have it for myself.

Well, I had a bad experience when I was a kid though. My family and I went to the zoo and saw the monkey on the cage. I wanted to give them my berries even it’s written on the cage that giving a food for the monkey is not allowed, but I didn’t care and I wanted to touch them. Guess what?
I gave my berries to their hands and they were suddenly pulling my hands. I thought they want to kiss me. Hahahaha. But man… That was quite hurt. The zoo keeper rescued me and I kept calm like nothing was happened. Hahahaha never forget this!

Unfortunately, now in Indonesia we have masked monkey show, it’s awesome though the monkey do bunch of cool attractions, even get dress by itself.  But, nowadays, most cases end up with exploiting the monkey to gain as much money as the performers can rather than perform the good masked monkey show which is the part of our culture) I end up hating this show so much. The monkey must performed on the hot asphalt in the scorcher weather while the pawang (performer/monkey-keeper) pull the chain in monkey’s neck to control the monkey’s movement so the performance was going well. The monkey exploitation for sure. The government don’t take any action for this since it is the part of our cultures. But somehow many people take this culture in the wrong way. Too bad.

However, Be sure to visit here during your next holiday! We have bunch of things to offer here, you should see the masked monkey show that perform in the good way.


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