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75th: Titta- Finland


“Dear Titta,

What a nice card you’ve sent me! Thanks a lot! I love the card, stamp, also your beautiful bird pencil sketch on the card 🙂

So the card located in Helsinki. What is this actually? Could you please tell me?
And…Oh I see, Finland is in autumn now. I love autumn, even its windy and rain a lot but the leaves colors are just wow, the autumn leaves color scenery for me is… Precious! Orange brown yellow are my fave colors. Unfortunately in Indonesia we don’t have this season, but I grateful though, since i’m not good enough in handling extreme cold weather. Hehehe.

In Indonesia we have 2 seasons here, dry season and wet season. It’s tropical country which is the best place to spend the holiday for you in 4-seasons-country.

Yep! We are located in zero dgrees latitude… Equator. It makes our country only has 2 seasons.
Indonesia also has 3 time zones (west, central and east). The different is an hour to another. Fantastic huh?

We have bunch of things to offer here such as natural, historical, cultural attractions. Be sure to visit!



One comment on “75th: Titta- Finland

  1. Sartenada
    September 17, 2015

    Well, I can tell to You that it is the roof of Rock Church.

    My old post presents it inside also:

    Rock church.

    Have a great day!

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