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73rd: Julia- Germany


“Dear Julia,

Thanks a lot for the cool building card! I love the architecture very much!
Wow so you’re an announcer too! It’s very nice to know you, colleague 🙂
Hope someday I can visit your work place and we can share a lot about broadcasting stuff.

Btw my friend has been continuing her study in university of Bonn Germany by scholarship. A week ago her professor,had visited Indonesia, Bandung city (my home town) to control my friend’s field research as well as going around Bandung, but unfortunately my friend got sick. So I was replacing her to accompany the professor went around Bandung. We shared a lot about Germany and Bandung. It was so much fun! 😀

I said I’m a student and want to continue my study, is there any recommended place for communication studies or anything related to it in master degree there.
Then she recommended me to applying to Deutsche Welle. What do you think?

I wish I can visit your home town someday. Germany is in my top list. You can contact me anytime if you’re in Bandung. Be sure to visit here during your next holiday! We have bunch of things to offer such as natural, cultural, even historical attractions. Also my city is famous with delicious cuisine!
The professor that I’ve told you, even wondering ” wow your city has manyyy restaurants from kiosk till the big one. And… Wow these are delicious” (we tried many food) hhaha



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