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72nd: Eric- Taiwan


“Dear Eric,

I love the card very much! Thanks!
So this is a Chinese ancient people folktale isn’t it?
I wonder how is the story.

I love story telling and folktales a lot. If I want to discover the customs, local wisdom, even the culture of new society I usually search for their folktales. It gives me lots of information. In Indonesia we have bunch of folktales, no wonder because we are an archipelago country so we have lots of diversities and of course it makes our local wisdom, cultures, customs and so on are so different.

It’s interesting somehow to see the relation between the society and folktales. And how big the influence to them.

My mom told me lots of folktales as bedtime stories. So I’m easy recalling them all one by one. They have an interesting story yet unpredictable story plot. Be sure to visit here in your next holiday 🙂

I hope someday I can visit you home town. East Asia countries are always catching my attention.



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