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Your Lie in April 四月は君の嘘

Dear friends,

My condition right now:



Just no.. no.. no.. no… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

This is truly #heartbreaking!!!!

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (四月は君の嘘), Your Lie in April. After waiting for so long to watch, an “angel” uploaded to you tube, and now is already banned due to copyrights and bla bla bla bleh!

One of the most tragic anime I ever watched! (after last time I read Pandora Hearts and I’ve covered the song in Piano and posted the arrangement last time remember?)., The genres of this anime are slice of life, school-life, music, romance, and TRAGEDY!

guess what my friends tortured me more, they were giving me more SADDEST animes to watch!!! Clannad, Anohana, Charlotte and so on (tbh I was the one who asked more recommended animes which have the same genre as this one lol ahahaha). Gosh insane!

I’m the type of hard-to-move on girl and I know how to make it worst… I love SAD and TRAGEDY story!

I want to cover the original song theme (OST) in this anime especially the ending songs, “Kirameki” (Sparkle) and “Orenji” (Orange). But… well I decided to stop rehearsing piano, stop taking the class (it’s expensive and I can’t afford it), and it’s just suddenly stop now. It has been almost 3 months. The melody I used to touch with my fingers just suddenly stop, I took the lesson when I start my college days, I have always been yearned it since a child, I remember my first song is Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star,  yeah that lullaby song  which composed by Mozart, and the fact it has deeper meaning and longer piece.  It always becomes my fave though and “Your Lies in April” translated it into a DEEPER meaning! Seriously! this anime really shaking and toying my heart at once! Haahahahaha


I moved by piano when I was child. My first song I covered back then in elementary school was one of  Inu Yasha’s OST  ( I couldn’t read notes and learned to play it by ear).  Inu yasha is my first crush- you may read it as first love in a sweet way, hahahaha– so that song means deep for me 🙂

In college days my parents support me to play piano and when I began to have part time job and full time job right after that (still become the college student too), mom “complained” that music is not making me go anywhere and will ever not,  and taking a class is wasting (especially money). So, I decided to stop, seems shallow, but this means a lot for me. I’m busy, I don’t have much money, music can’t produce money for me and the most important thing I can’t fully dedicate myself to music, so maybe mom’s right, I’m not suit with music. I’m not trying to blame my mom for this thing friends, this is truly my decision through so many considerations.

In my country, taking a music class is prestige and elite since the price is considered high. Unfortunately, the formal education which is Music subject in school is not really supporting us to have the sense of music, since piano  is very expensive. It is so rare to find a school with piano and its own music room unless you enter an elite private school. I have piano on my own, it’s an old one (how many times you tuned it, it just doesn’t really work hahaha), the cheapest one my parents had bought me a couple years ago. I really gratitude for this, they really support me until the end. I’m not elite at all, so there is an extra effort for this.

A few days ago, when I watched this anime.There was something piercing my heart. I want to play again!


This was the story about a 14 -year old-boy named Arima Kousei who didn’t have any spirit to live

Kousei_Arima and a girl named Miyazono Kaori– same age as him, who was super high spirited girl that always gave her best just like there is no tomorrow.


Kousei was a prodigy-genius pianist and Kaori was a brilliant violinist. For Kousei, it had been 2 years since he stopped playing piano, he hated it because of many painful reasons. Kaori was really in love with music, she said music is freedom and transcend the words, so she hoped she can reached the people’s heart and they will remember her ever.

They met in April spring.


Coincident? Nothing’s coincident.

There was actually a single lie in their meeting.


We called it fate…And so… their story has begun…

Ahhhhhh I can’t hold this anymore! *tears streaming down. This is really recommended anime for you! It’s heartbreaking yet heart warming anime with great OST, chara development, and art, the story is a little bit slow but I can accept it since this is a deep sweet romantic genre, and I surprised this anime is Shounen (targeted for boys in teenagers age audience), I thought this was Shoujo (targeted for girls in teenagers age audience).

Anyway, If you want a spoiler check this out: http://shigatsu-wa-kimi-no-uso.wikia.com

Last but not least,  I suppose I need to try to play piano again once more. I hope the voice can reached the people around me, but as long as I can reached my self I’ve already satisfied enough. I just love music, it shows lots of emotions that sometimes words difficult to find it.



Love and cry *sniff sniff


*Sorry for using so many tissues when I wrote this


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