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70th: Teunie- Netherland


“Dear Teunie,

Thank you very much for your cheerful postcard! I’ll treasure it for sure! 🙂
Wow so you’ve already come back from your holiday in Ireland. I bet it was sooo much fun! I envy you, in Europe especially Netherland, you can even ride a bike to go outside the country, its close to each other right? unlike in Indonesia.
Indonesia is an archipelago country, so we need lots of efforts to travel outside. Hahaha. Need to pass another/other island(s) first to go outside the country by bike and… Of course because of that we have lots of cultures, mother tongues, customs and so on, depend on what island is, then you need to learn which province is, then a small part of it: city.
It’s frustrating sometimes, because when we move to another island we need to learn completely different culture, mother tongue, custom etc just like we are in another country. But that’s one of the most interesting thing in Indonesia, we unity in diversity.

Pls challenge yourself to come here during your next holiday.. We have bunch of things to offer 🙂

I hope someday I can visit your home town, Netherland is one of place I have to go before I die! :D”




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