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My Postcard: Kineruku+Garasi Opa

Dear Friends,

After did bunch of activities for almost a whole day, I was having my free time in the afternoon. Suddenly, I remembered my best friend had told me that there was a cozy library near my campus. Without further thought, I went alone to the library she had mentioned. We have the same interest, vintage stuff, books, and a cup of tea or coffee. So I totally believe in her, this place will be nice! Kineruku Library and Garasi Opa (In English means: Grandpa Garage) Vintage Shop. I searched it through my cellphone.Those places were at one location– the same owner. The location is in Jl. Hegarmanah 53, Bandung.

I arrived by my motorcycle around 5 pm. It was completely peaceful yet quiet although there were many motorcycles parked in the yard next to garden. 20150828_171023

Many trees and big houses with security guarded in the neighborhood, no wonder it was an elite district in my city. But, somehow the library has different aura, it’s not stand out either normal. It’s just… how could I put this… mysterious just like the story in my mystery novel, ahahaha but it will not make you goosebumps, it’s not that scary, relax. See? So peaceful inside!


I entered the library and found a case to put my bag. We are not allowed to bring our bag inside, except valuable items, such as wallet, cell phone, laptop, etc.

I was wandering around when the librarian approached me and asked if there was anything she can do. I said thanks not for now, this is my first time, so I want to take a good look to every single corner and asked what time the library will be closed. She said at 8 pm. Ok. I still have much time.

When I entered, sandalwood scent was inside the library, it was such a nice scent. Bunch of books, CDs, Platters shelves were welcoming me. Oh I see so they are selling and lending the books, and CDs. You can also borrow the platters (there is a  phonograph too!), second-hand books, CDs (movie, music), and cassettes (music)– but you only can borrow it as long as you registered as the members (for the rare one you can’t  take it to your house).


Satisfied with the books and CDs, I went outside. WOW! refreshing scenery. It was a small garden connecting the library and the Vintage Shop of Garasi Opa.


I took a lot of pictures,  almost half of the displayed items were not familiar for me, the cashier said it was from 50’s to 80’s back then. So it was antique and RARE item and expensive of course! *sigh


Most Wanted Item: Indonesia’s ideology, PANCASILA

20150828_164922 20150828_165805 20150828_164801 20150828_165239  20150828_165555 20150828_16553020150828_165619

There was an antique brown box, and I was wondering what inside. OPEN! SURPRISE! I found old letters there, VERY OLD LETTERS if I must say, around 50’s until 80’s. Rare and expensive unfortunately, so I just took the pics. *sigh


I went back to the library and realized there were some foreign visitors who couldn’t speak Indonesian. I recalled my friend said that this place is more  well-known among foreigners who stay in Bandung rather than local citizen. Shame on me! I’m Bandung citizen, and I only knew this recently. Huhuhuhu ;(

I asked the librarian whether I could get “The Catcher in the Rye” in  Indonesian version book there since this book only sold there. She brought me one, but when I saw the merchandise display on cashier desk and shelf…




20150828_164018 20150828_163710

I put the book and chose the postcard instead! Ahahaha. I want to buy both of them, but I didn’t bring much money.So I chose the postcard!

20150828_195108 20150828_195137

Ok then.. tired day…Next time I will hunt another cool library in my home town and post it here.




3 comments on “My Postcard: Kineruku+Garasi Opa

  1. Krisna
    September 5, 2015

    Omg.. This is the place that i want to go there so long. Haha

    • #Alexandria C.H.#
      September 5, 2015

      Yeah you should come! This is the recommended cozy spot to read, buy some books and stuff, or maybe just hang out with your friends.

  2. Dani
    September 10, 2015

    That place looks awesome! Love vintage bookstores

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