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Dear friends,

Animation stuff have been fulfilling me since childhood days. Mommy bought me bunch of latest disney movies and always up dated with many other cartoon movies back then. No wonder I love this a lot, it seems like the world of fairy tale, magical stories, bizarre things, unbelievable circumstances stuck on my head and make me day-dreaming oftenly. Ahahahaha.


FANTASY world of mine: This what I see when I visit cemetery. What a wonderful world…*sigh insane

I had many awful experiences during my childhood life especially at school. The good thing is it always wakes me up to go back to the reality. No happy ever after ending, you must working on it with efforts. Well, but still…animation is inside my soul. Seriously my body all grown up but my heart is remained the same.

Lots of Japanese animation and comics imported to my country when I was in elementary school. I consumed it everyday since our local television and all book stores provide it. My very best friend in elementary school loved this so much, we sat side by side. I remembered when the teachers scolded us when we were reading comics or having a long chit chat during the class. She also taught me how to draw Japanese animation and comics. She really good at it. Ahahaha.

We were exchanging our comics, watching animation together, discussing about the next episode prediction, even guessing the detail story plot for the next one, you can say it as “fan-fiction” and so on.

I can’t live without this. I ever endured myself for not watching animation or reading comic for almost 3 months because of daily routine asked my full attention. Guess what? My days are messy. These fun stuff for others are just like food for me, yeah food. No food you’ll die… in this case die with boredom! I can’t focus on my work and end up with many bruises on my body in that kind of day, bruises from day dreaming then stuck on something, falling down, even slip when there was no thing in front of me or slippery floor.

ln senior high school, my school life was quite busy, but I always made my self up dated with many latest animations and comics esp. Japan one.  I began to explored this more when I entered the university. I failed to enter the top universities I had been dreaming of, and released all my negative emotions by watching animations beside reading comics. But all for good, my English and Japanese language skill was improving! Hahahaha Hamdallah!

I have already watched many kind of cartoon genres and one day, wow just wow, I watched Ghibli anime for the first time. Wow I mean it’s really me. GHIBLI completely fulfills my SOUL.


Ghibli is the animation studio that was completely catching my interest. Yep! GHIBLI. (http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/).  The happiness, the sadness, the magical world, bizarre stuff, dreams, and all and most of all it’s so HEART WARMING…

The GHIBLI founder was Hayao Miyazaki, he is a director, producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and manga artist of GHIBLI.


I love how Hayao Miyazaki portrays the detail of remarkable story plot and setting, unique characters, smooth chara development, also… cool OST


I know he puts his soul on his masterpieces. It’s easy to know when somebody love their job or not, you can feel his soul inside his works or not, and Hayao Miyazaki successfully did it!

He is one of my life inspiration. He loves children a lot and get many inspiration just by watching them. He said that there is no difference between the soul of 18 years old and 60 years old man, the young soul has remained the same, and he feels blessed when new baby borns, of course this is the cruel world, but how come we say it to the children, rather than that he wants to show them how to make the reason to live. Live your life and enjoy it!

#Hayao Miyazaki

My first movie I watched was “SPIRITED AWAY” (2001) and this one becomes my top chart up until now. The setting was marvelous, the story  was turning you up-side down, the chara have a strong characteristic and so with the chara development. I love how Ghibli “explained” their story in a very detail ways without forgetting the art of story telling. The ending was quite difficult to predict and Ghibli successfully made you gasp so many times by various types of surprising twist. I wish this movie has a sequel!



The second one is Howl’s Moving Castle. I like Romance but not too much, Howl’s Moving Castle fulfill my expectation in romance genre, without being cheesy yet sweet,  it’s not the main genre though. The insight is as usual a bunch things you can find here, and Fantasy! always be my number one option in animation genre, I love the magical story and the witches in this movie at once.

Howls-moving-castleposter2 Howls-moving-castleposter1

I’ll give it the third position to Kaguya Hime no Monogatari (The Tale of The Princess Kaguya). There are lots of love types in this world, and one of them is FAKE LOVE. Don’t be too naive or you will end up hurting yourself. And also Parents have many unconditional love for their children, this is lovely. Ahahaha quite philosophical huh? The animation effect is unique too, it’s not a modern CGI but more like you “draw on paper” animation. That’s it, but that’s the interesting part from this one.

THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA, (aka KAGUYAHIME NO MONOGATARI), Swiss poster with English title, 2013. ©GKids


My other fave Ghibli’s are TOTORO, Ponyo, The Borrower Ariety, The Cat Returns (These 4 have a special place in my heart) and etc. I can not mention it one by one because there are so many.


Japanese Version


English version

I hope someday I can visit the museum too. GHIBLI museum is so FANTASTIC! Imagination is coming out from my head and become 3D reality here! 😀


ghibli-museum-guide-lg Look at the postcards! I will BUY then ALL Awww!!!!


Take a lil bit quiz here. I’m ENFJ/ENFP is between Chihiro and Kiki


Bye for now,


PS: You can check the GHIBLI stuff like quotes, pics, museum and so on on my pinterest:

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3 comments on “Heart Warming: GHIBLI ANIMATION STUDIO!

  1. writingbolt
    September 2, 2015

    You mention “The Cat Returns,” but did you see the first film in that two-part story? “Whisper in the Wind,” I think it is called. I had to look into it and find a copy online. I saw “The Cat Returns” after “Spirited Away” (my first Ghibli film, too) and really liked the sophisticate cat in the story…and that fat cat that got in trouble some of the time. That movie reminded me a bit of “Cars” by Pixar in how they tried to add a variety of cats (versus cars) to a rounded world of the imagination.

    I am not sure if it’s a Ghibli film, but I liked “Paprika,” too. That is like a more adult version of Spirited Away, except it’s a dream world instead of a ghost world.

    “Spirited Away” could have a sequel, but it would likely be a mirror of the first story. The little girl would be grown up and maybe have a child of her own. I think the hard part would be recreating a cast of “spooks” because the original cast would either have to repeat what they did in the first movie or be replaced by some other surprise villainy, right? Or, would it somehow be like Alice in Wonderland and just reprise the same characters with a slight change in plot? That might be a bit tedious the way the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle artists rewrite the same stories over and over. Yet, they do change some of the facts/details, each time.

    If there is a museum, it would surely go on my travel must list.

    • #Alexandria C.H.#
      September 3, 2015

      Hi Writingbolt. It’s so nice to read your comment. Thx! I haven’t heard the title you’ve mentioned, but i know the almost similar title which is “whisper of the heart” (1995) by GHIBLI. I haven’t watched it either, it’s difficult to find it online or available in my fave dvd shop. I hope there is somebody who post it on youtube.
      I love Cat Returns, the cats can talk wow my world will be purrrrrfect!
      So, Paprika, I googled and watched the trailer. It’s explicit in many ways. Maybe I’ll try to watch it.
      Yep! Spirited Away sequel will become my top list of most wanted anime to watch. I like your idea though ahahaha. But how to put this, many sequels had not meet my expecation, I better satisfy with the prequel rather than watch the unsatisfy sequel that gives the bad impact with the prequel too at the end. Well let’s see what will come next from Ghibli after the latest one “Marnie” movie released on this april.

      • writingbolt
        September 9, 2015

        Oh, maybe I got the title wrong. I should have looked it up.

        If cats could talk, they’d probably get into fights with humans. Except, maybe Cringer from He-Man.

        Paprika has a few moments that are a bit “bodily invasive” but nothing sexual or too gory. Some weird and potentially scary/gross bits. But, overall, it’s an exploration of the mind/dream states. And, like Spirited Away, it’s one girl/woman’s escape from reality.

        How old are you?

        I am not sure how much more Ghibli will make unless someone takes over for Miyazaki. He is getting old and wants to retire, last I heard. It reminds me of Walt Disney passing and leaving the company to a bunch of strangers.

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