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My Postcard: Books & Beyond Book Store

Dear Friends,

Hi! My work right now is not an office hours, my study is in everlasting holiday, so I have plenty free time,  then I begin to hunt the top notch book stores in my home town during this free time, uwoooo PARADISE! I hope this free time won’t end.

After we go to PeriPlus, I continue my hunt to BOOKS & BEYOND (Times Book Store back then) the biggest rival of Periplus for imported book store. PeriPlus has cheaper price (not much), but! Books & Beyond is way more complete in novel and science fiction books which my fave.

Unlike PeriPlus that has only 2 branches all over Indonesia (Bandung & Jakarta). Books & Beyond has many branches in Indonesia and so in Bandung. It’s cozy and cool book store with so many wise quotes stick on the wall, it’s located in Bandung Indah Plaza mall. I’ve been visited different branches in Bandung, the bigger one even have a special room for books, children games, gift wrap, etc.

20150815_120721 20150815_120515


But! Unfotunately for postcards PeriPlus is the winner of all.

The good news is, when I wandering around the in the cashier desk, I found something interesting, it was just like a pile of mini maps,

20150815_120901 and I took one of them since map is always become one of my biggest interest. SURPRISE! it’s POSTCARDS!



Map Postcards! the series postcard which has shown the province from each island of Indonesia. As you know my Indonesia is an archipelago county, it has 7 big islands and lots of small islands. Each island has many provinces and each province has many more cities. For example I live in Java Island, my province is West Java and my city is Bandung. Indonesia has 34 provinces and 98 cities. Lots of things we can offer, especially in historical, cultural, and natural attractions 😀

Welcome to INDONESIA!

And… I buy one of them. It’s quite expensive for student to afford. 7.500 each.. seriously

But it’s worthed if I must say…

See you in my another cool Book Store hunting in Bandung city!




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