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68th: Hou Xinzi (Jane)- China


“Dear Hon Xinzi,

Thx a lot for your “temple of heaven” post card! It has mysterious yet lovely temple, especially when you captured it from below perspective.. The cloud and temple composition are just… Too awesome:)
I see…so, this is where royalty in China show their worship to heaven. I hope I can visit your home town in Beijing. Lots of my friends have been there, it has bunch of cool historical attractions they said. Wow.

Btw it’ s so nice to know that you’ve learned Indonesia, Bandung city from your geography text books. We have lots of things to offer such as historical, natural, and cultutal attractions. Be sure to visit me here, I can give you a tour for free! Just contact me via postcrossing 😀

Well last but not least, I love your card with beautiful hand writing of yours also the stories you’ve sent me along, it means a lot for me, thank you. Talking about Tim Burton my fave one is “Coraline”, it really has a magical setting and lil bit lunatic story which is unusual “extraordinary” for cartoon. Once I had a dream to become an artist, draw cartoon or comic with my own hand, but lots of things happen, and I decided to make it as my hobby not career. Its nice to know you love drawing too, hope you can become a great artist in the future!:)

Many love,

“Dear Alexandria,

It’s really nice of you to write such a long message (which is much longer than my postcard), I’m more than pleased and surprised to see it!

By the way, my surname is Hou, and I know I wrote the ‘u’ like an ‘n’, my fault XD!

In fact, Beijing isn’t my hometown but where my university located in, and I will stay there for 3 more years and maybe longer, if you come in a few years, I can show you around, too! You know, Beijing is the capital of several dynasties in China, so it’s wonderful to live there and move through history, it feels like a dream!

My hometown isn’t very far from Indonesia, it’s Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Region, lying in the southest part of Chinese Mainland, thus I’m kinda familiar with South-East Asia, and I’ve been planning for a trip there for long. Hope it’ll come true!

About Tim Burton, my fav is The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I think Jack is THE MOST HANDSOME SKELETON IN THE WORLD and evereone in the film as well as the songs are so lovely…Then is Corpse Bride (don’t know if I mentioned it in that card). Also, I love his non-animated films, such as Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They made me fall in love with Johnny Depp and Helena deeply! I watched Coraline on and off, but I felt a bit scary and I was afraid that it didn’t end up happy (though I guessed it did), so I haven’t finished watching it yet. And you remind me of my childhood, because I had a dream to be an artist, too. My mum’s major was about art, and I used to draw a lot of humble comics when I was a pupil. But I don’t think I can keep it as a job in the future, so I decided to develop it as a hobby.

PS. I really love to keep contacting you via postcrossing! But I don’t have any card at home right now…

Hope you achieve your goals one day!

Jane(my English name~)”

“Dear Hou Xinzi,

Yeah I had not realized until I sent the message to you. It’s such a long message.. ahahahaha
It’s kinda fun to talk about something to someone who has the same interests as you.

Oh I thought you were living in Beijing, so Nanning. Then, Nanning will become one of my destination to visit when I travel there someday!

Many Love for you and your family,


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