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Dear friends,

Last year the public speaking class gave all of students the final test to make an English presentation.

So I began to search what the most suitable topic in order to gain the class’s attention, my lecturer’s expectation and will have the highest score among all of students, ahahaha quite ambitious. And… the most important thing I will ENJOY to deliver it as my final test.

I searched searched and searched. In the middle of it I found the link to the word of Vocaloids, yeah you know the controversial Vocaloids (ボーカロイド Bōkaroido) is a singing voice synthesizer. (check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocaloid).

I don’t interested in this kind of music since most of them sing in the high pitch, and some of their songs are too crazy for me. seriously!

Well, I picked another topic, the serious one for my public speaking final test: “Prostitution and Woman”. A score at the end! ha!

But then Vocaloids had my curiosity. I tried to listen to some songs and… Oh I begin to like it! some of them are very heart warming, some of them are very cute, some of them are very rich in melodies, and top of those, the most thing that capturing my heart  from Vocaloid is STORY TELLING! Gosh! they tell the story through their music! Their lyric was  just if you reading a book or having a real conversation with your friends.

not to mention those characters were all good looking (.. #nosebleeding).


Hahahaha! My fave chara is GUMI.


GUMI with refreshing smile ^_^v


My fave of GUMI with glasses //>_<// kyaaa *fainted ahahahaha

stuffpoint.com GUMI


Through Vocaloids there were born lots of music composers. They use Vocaloids chara to featuring their songs.

And so, my fave one is HONEYWORKS ┗|∵|┓, consists of Gom (song), Shito (song), Oji (Bass/Guitar), Cake (piano), Atsuyuki (drum), Hiroki169 (Bass) Illustration and video: Yamako Rocoru, Mogelatte,  Zero …The first debut was around 2014. Honeyworks has a mascot called Kuro Milk Panda (Black Milk Panda) as the male and Shiro Kuma (White Bear) as the female, which were oftenly appeared in their MV.


The melody was so rich, especially the drum and piano parts. Most of the genre of Honeyworks songs have such a positive rocky feeling. It was easy listening and fill with many surprising keys, you could not predict the melody easily for sure. Most of them were like hoping in your ears and struck in mind at once! The drum part holds the most interesting part and so as piano. You can enjoy the instrument as you enjoy the song with vocal.  You can check the complete biography and discography in the official website http://honeyworks.jp/

My fave one of course the song who has lots of piano part. CAKE the pianist was awesome!

The first MV I watched back then were スキキライ (Suki Kirai)- Love Hate. It’s a funny song, the girl was 14, her classmate was confessing her and she knew nothing about him. He was so straight-forward, “we’re gonna get married, living in somewhat treehouse, having bunch of children”. After short observation, he was kinda lil’ bit pervert but had a kind and soft side. So, the main heroine confused with her own feeling, love but hate, hate but love. Rather than romantic feelings I catch this song is really hillarious. Lol.


Suki-Kirai Feat Rin Len Kagamine. You can see the dolls, Black Milk Panda and White Bear

Another one, 告白予行練習 (Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu) that become the Drama CD and have a continuous story package, so we always curious about the story plot and chara development will be happened in the next song.


HONEYWORKS drama CD 1st project

The story was about a senior high school girl who has a crush with her childhood friend. She wanted to confess, but felt very embarrassed,  since they were so close like sibling and has many years in child-hood friend zone relationship. Secretly, the boy felt the same. So, the girl tried to confess and afraid to heard the response, and voila! “Ah it’s just a confession rehearsal, before I confess to the boy I like!” she said in front of him at once right after the confession. Then.. *awkward moment… hahahahha

But my fave one is the couple in the right side “Akarin and Mochizuki-kun” ahahaha. They were so sweet couple. Yuki Kaji as the seiyuu (voice over) of the boy were really captivating me. #Melting

I’m not really into romance genre songs, but honeyworks is an exception I suppose.


I have subscribed their official on YouTube and their popularity was going higher and higher day by day, they even successfully composed the OST for top notch anime (s), such as Ao Haru Ride, NARUTO, Magic Kaito Kid, and Gintama.


Naruto OST MV by HONEYWORKS, Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku (言葉のいらない約束)


artworks-000116761451-cgjljf-t300x300 Look alike Naruto & sasuke right? (in a modern day) hahaha 🙂

My fave latest song one is “Mama”. It s so deep and has an epic MV. Yeah you can tell by only hear the title, but seriously, because of the story telling lyric and MV you can imagine more than any other MAMA songs. Tear rolled down unconsciously, it’s a very emotional song for me, successfully hit my hot button #heartwarming


Last word. I love HONEYWORKS a bunch! kiss, hug for Black Milk Panda and White Bear! Someday  I swear I’ll cover the songs in piano. Mama will become my first choice.

I hope my country can create this kind of thing in our Music Industry. Story telling music is the best, it makes the audience easily to absorb the soul of the composer. Well, Music is language of emotion though, picture make it thousand words, and story make it easily to feel the emotion till deep down.



ahahaha honeywoks sasuga images1


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