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67th: Qiuhua- Taiwan


“Dear Qiuhua,

Thanks a lot for your lovely postcard.. I LOVE this! the chinese letters are so lovely. At the end of the year I’ll take the japanese test so that’s why I need to memorize as many kanji as I can. It’s fun eventhough those have a complicated forms. I bought a kanji book with its also written in original form of Chinese.
I love poet as well..I’ll check the complete poet that you’ve mentioned.

My fave Ghibli’s work is Spirited Away… Such a heart warming story! I wonder if I become the main chara of Chihiro in this movie… Noooo I don’t think I can return to the real world safely and my parents will remain as devil’s prey. Chihiro has such a pure and genuine heart I bet! It’s very to find those kind of people nowadays:)

I wish i can visit your home town someday. If you want to visit my home town here..feel free to contact me. I’ll become your tour guide for free. We have bunch of things to offer especially natural, cultural, historical attractions! 😀



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