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The Post Office Center’s Exciting Corner

Dear Friends,

Every month when I send my postcardsI always go to the post office center in my home town.

Camera Effects-1416896489310

Postal Symbol and Indonesia’s flag silhouette

Camera Effects-1416896232766

The receptionist

and find this exciting corner. voila! Filateli (philately) corner!

Camera Effects-1416896378698

Lots of thematic stamps, first day cover, stamp package, stamp book, envelope, letter set, also postcards here. The price is a lil bit higher than the usual which I usually found, because of course this is thematic and considered become a rare item since the publisher (Indonesia’s post) only printed and published it in the certain year or in certain occasion. For example Asian African Commemoration 2015 set, 12 Chinense astrological signs (annually), Education day, Earth Day and so on.

Oh! There is a PostCrossing wall too!

Camera Effects-1416896347250

Well, I bought these stuff in this exciting corner:

Camera Effects-1433151842775

First Day Cover Set of Year of Lamb 2015 (12 Chinese Sign)

Camera Effects-1433151913422

The Postcards, “Garut” ‘s Lamb ( one of the town in Indonesia, West Java Island, that well known as Lamb’s town, because this town breed many good lambs.

Camera Effects-1433151989993

Awesome maxi postcard of Garut’s Lamb!

Camera Effects-1433152089504

Indonesia’s cuisine postcard

Camera Effects-1433152112466

One of the “Indonesia’s Independence Day” competition series: Bakiak Racing

Camera Effects-1433152152751

Vintage mail box in Watercolor postcard

Camera Effects-1416896306823

Vintage Mail Box, this mail box always welcome me when I enter the entrance post office’s gate

Camera Effects-1433152203176

Post Office Building Center of Bandung postcard

Camera Effects-1433152178295

Wayang, the traditional puppet in watercolor postcard

Camera Effects-1433320805272

National Song “Indonesia Raya” and “I ❤ INDONESIA” postcards

Camera Effects-1435656081727

One of the Thematic Stamp Series: Education Day




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