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My Postcard: Periplus Book Store

Dear friends,

Since a kid, book store and library always become my “heaven”, I feel like I’m the richest human being in the world if I’m in those places. I love books as I love my soul, ahahahha, seriously!. Book is my soul if I must say.

I’m not really into online book store, so when my home town built many real imported book stores, it’s really made my day!

One of my fave imported book store beside Kinokuniya is Periplus,

20150521_190744the biggest rival of Books & Beyond Book Store in my home town (I love book & Beyond too). Well, to be honest, I often borrow the books from my friends (especially imported books) rather than go to imported book store and buy them, ehehehehe.

In my ideal perspective, the book store: beside selling some books they must provide any supported items related to it, for example if the book store sell some knitting books, then they must provide a knitting tools corner inside the book store, or if they sell some manga, they must provide a manga merchandise corner inside, woohoo! such an ideal book store it will be!

and I definitely will list them as one of my fave book store.

However, when I was wandering in Periplus:


Books @ Periplus Setiabudhi Bandung


Books @ Periplus Setiabudhi Bandung 2

Then… I found some postcards!



WRAP! … bungkus bang!


oh! these postcards! >_< Many of my friends love these as I sent it through PostCrossing




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