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My Postcard: Reading Lights’s Wayang

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite cozy library in my home town is “Reading Lights”, you can find tons of second-hand books and read it for free! Seriously, for free! well, you just need to buy some snacks or drink in the library cafe, it’s cheap though (based on student’s pocket hehehe). The atmosphere was so peaceful and the good books (most of them are in English) are easy to find.

Cozy Corner of Reading Lights


My cozy sofa at the other corner of Reading Lights


Children’s Corner

While I was searching for the book I sneak a peek of some merchandise….


Merchandise. I bought the pin “Used Book Worm” with a pic of Spectacled Grandpa staring at the book

and Jreeengggg!!!!


and discover my treasure: POSTCARDS… Gyaaaa!!!! What a coincidence, oops! nothing’s coincidence… It’s a faith between me and the postcards, red thread between us. 😛 hehehe


Here’s the zoom in

I bought a Wayang characters postcards, there are 2 version :

1. The Folktale of Rama & Sinta in Ayodya-Alangka Kingdom

20150429_094229 20150429_094306 20150429_094358 20150429_094439 20150429_094653 20150429_094803 20150429_094831 20150429_094913

2. The Folktale of Pandawa & Kurawa Siblings

20150429_095119 20150429_095151 20150429_095210 20150429_095241 20150429_095327 20150429_095342 20150429_095552 20150429_095621

Each version consist 8 postcards and I took 2 versions of them, 16 postcards with a very affordable price (based on student’s pocket) hehehe!

Love this a lot, my postcrosser pals always impress with these cards. I told them these are kind of puppet called wayang, sometimes it made from Leather and being used as puppet show. The story usually tell about folktales with so many wise insights behind the stories.


Happy Postcrossing!



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