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Dear friends,

I’ve been so busy lately with my final examination and graduation things. I’ve already collected bunch of stuff of maxi-cards, stamps, postcards, greetings cards, book markers, scrap papers and many more during this stressful moment!! Yeah…there’s no help for it,  collecting those stuff is the only thing (beside read books/comics and watch anime) that makes my day and forget my under-pressure torturing routine… Ahahaha that’s exaggerating I suppose 😛

Fuuuuhhhh finally! I have time to post it right now! Well, I was hunting these stuff when I went outside, forget for a moment about my introvert side for having a great desire to lock myself inside my bed room. Uhhh gratefully, Bandung, my home town, often held the interesting events.

One of my favorite in this year is Asian African Commemoration Events Series, which is Helar Festival: Pakoban (Pasar Komik Bandung- Bandung Comic Market) 2 months ago.

So here you are, the treasure I’ve got!

CEeU4trUsAMxMh_.jpg large

The Poster of Bandung Comic Market 2012. it’s annual event for all Local Comic Creators to sell and show their works here. Follow the info at twitter @pakoban

Camera Effects-1431618220336

Hijab Postcard from Hijabographic :”Hijab is not blocking your way to achieve your dreams” @hijabographic

Camera Effects-1431618185257

The other one from Hijabographic: Muslimah Wardrobe Postcard @hijabographic

Camera Effects-1431310799750

Vintage Postcard: “Still like to send a postcard, even there’s an E-Card?” –from Hell Mates Circle

Camera Effects-1431310944107

The Tragedy of Rama & Sinta folktale –from HellMates Circle

Camera Effects-1431310849666

Merapi Mountain Disaster– from HellMates Circle

Camera Effects-1431310746651

MERAK (Indonesian peacock)–from korongmentah.tumblr.com

Camera Effects-1431310709904

ELEPHANT (Indonesian Elephant)–from korongmentah.tumblr.com

Camera Effects-1431311056396

Girl– from errrr I forgot

Camera Effects-1431310994201

The Book of RAINBOW Maxi Postcard–from papercatnco.tumblr.com I only can buy this comic cause I was coming late and the event will close not very long after I came

Camera Effects-1431311035345

ANTE MORTE & REUNION by Ekyu’s cute book marker

Camera Effects-1431310682333

ONLY HUMAN–by Mukhlis Nur One of my fave booth in this event is Mukhlis Nur’s. I bought this epic postcard along with the Story Cards…The comic is sold out unfortunately! aaaaahhh

Camera Effects-1431311090757

The Story Cards

Camera Effects-1431311144594

The Story Cards

Camera Effects-1431311395156

10 Cards inside

Camera Effects-1431311446020

Interesting charas and story plot 🙂

So I felt very contented at the end of the day! Ahahaha most of the comics were sold out, so I decided to collect the merchandise, postcard is my top list, and I quite succeed to collect it! Ahahaha (*victory smile). Hope our local comic keep being COOL day by day!




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