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59th: Vladislav- Russia

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“Dear Vladislav,

Thanks a lot for the beautiful postcard of Russian Folk Crafts card! I love it! 😀

I hope I can visit your home town someday and take a closer look to those folk crafts. I believe they really work hard to create those, what a lovely creation! Are they using machine or made it by hand?

In Indonesia most of our folk craft creations are made by hand. There are also a traditional machine used in a certain regions of Indonesia. The more complicated the design-the time we’ve to spend-also the materials we used, the more expensive it will be.

For now, some of our modern industries are using modern machine to create it in order to produce a big production at once, but of course the price is not as expensive as the hand made/ traditional machine creations. The value of hand made / traditional machine creations are much higher indeed!

Be sure to visit us during your next holiday! We have bunch of things to offer, especially historical attractions. 🙂

Kindly regards,


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