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56th: Pien- Netherlands


“Dear Mrs. Pien,

Thank you so much for the LOVELY postcard! I’m extremely love this!!! >_<

Yep! I love fairytales a lot. It somehow drowned me to somewhere else beyond my imagination.
I love many introvert activities inside my room accompanied by my own vivid imagination and fairy tales stuff over my head. Yeah butterfly twirling and rainbow over my head till toe, fairies along with my steps, and chesire cat snuggling in my arms.
I also like extrovert activities, such as story telling with childern, acting, and sharing about fairytales with others who have the same interest as mine.

Sometimes people called me odd. But whatever, the one who easily judge the other people can’t understand the awesomeness of fairytales world. How pity.
Come visit my home town in your holiday, I have bunch of wonderland sides to show you in my home town 🙂


Never think you´re odd, because you´re NOT!
Fairytales are great, it´s also a great way
to escape the real world sometimes.
And children love them! I have a little niece. She´s 4 years old and loves fairytales. Hope she still loves them so much when she is older 🙂

Wish you lots of joy and happiness!

Love Pien”

“Dear Mrs. Pien,

Thank you very much Mrs.Pien… your Courageous words mean a lot for me 🙂
Hope your lil’ niece never forget the miracle of fairy tales when she’s getting older

Bunch of Loves,
Alexandria! :D”

“You´re welcome :-).

I wish you a great life. May all of your
hopes and dreams come true!

Just stay the way you are!

Love, Pien”


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