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51st: Lyo- Japan


“Dear Lyo,

Waaa I’m so flattered you wrote “Selamat Sore” on your cool postcard you’ve sent me! thanks! 🙂

I love Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) and Totoro, my fave one from Ghibli Studio is “Spirited Away”, it’s so heart warming movie.
I always adore anime aspecially ghibli’s works.

Anyway, last week, my home town, Bandung was celebrating the Asian African Carnival Commemoration 2015, and I assisted Japan delegation. Most of the delegations were coming from Bandung’s sister city which from Japan is Hamamatsu city. They were very kind, hard working, and punctual.
At the end of their departure to Hamamatsu, they gave me a “purezento” wrappped with cute pink fabric which were a huge Hamamatsu Matsuri’s poster, eraser, 2 handkerchiefs, and a bunch of chocolates. >_<
It was so much fun! be sure to visit my home town in our next carnival on summer! 🙂



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