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46th: Nataly- Russia


“Dear Mrs Nataly,

Your postcard has finally inside my mailbox this morning! Thanks a bunch for your cute postcard! I love it!
I don’t know what is the name of the doll, is it Russian puppet?
I really curious about this…

Well, I love to do the story telling activity with children, and we used to use dolls/puppets for telling the story. My fave one is when we use Indonesian traditional puppet called “WAYANG”, it’s generally divided into 2 types: Wayang Golek and Wayang Kulit. I love to use them when I tell the story about our folktale. It was so much fun!

Happy postcrossing!

““I was very upset that my postcard didn’t arrive to such a good girl, so God heard me ))) I am happy!The puppets on it are just Russian clay (mud) ones, don’t think they have some special name. Kulit and Golek­ are male and female? Or how do they differ?”

“Dear Mrs. Nataly,

Thank you for your compliment and answer! 🙂
Oh I see, so those are clay dolls, we made it here in Indonesia too. Cute! 🙂

Well, Wayang Golek is like a real puppet made from wood. The shortest is around 20cm and the highest is around 60-70cm. You can find it easily in my region of West Java.
Wayang kulit made from leather, the height is almost the same as Wayang golek, but it’s quite difficult to find it in West Java region, because it’s originally coming from Middle Java and East Java.

There are many more types of Wayang in our regions (we’re archipelago country), so we are unity in diversity ^_^
You may check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayang

Warm Regards for your happy family from Indonesia,
Alexandria :)”

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