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45th: Anke- Germany


“Dear Anke,

The flowers card is so lovely, thanks a lot!:)

My city is called as the “city of flower” in Indonesia. We have lots of thematic parks with many beautiful flowers here. My fave are sun flower and wild dandelion 😀

In funeral we often see plumeria (Kamboja) and Polianthes tuberosa (Sedap Malam)flowers.

Also, we usually use jasmine (melati), rose (mawar), chrysanthemum (krisan), and champaca (cempaka: *is also my middle name :)) in celebration.

Talking about celebration, in the middle of April my home town will celebrate the commemoration of Asian African Conference in 1955.There will be lots of countries representatives are coming over. We will hold such a merry festival with flowers parade!

Be sure to visit!


P.S.: I read the news about Germanwings accident, many condolences for the Germanwings’ victims. God bless all of you…”

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