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44th: Susanne- Germany

Camera Effects-1427784867664

“Dear Susanne,

Many thanks for your beautifully breath-taking landscape of a small town in Southern Germany (Timbered houses). I see then this one is one of the historic center in Germany. I wanna spend my holiday here! This will become my fave for sure, I’ll treasure it!

I hope someday I can visit your home town too, along with my family in Northern Germany and enjoy the country side also beaches you’ve told me :)a

Btw, in the end of April till the beginning of May we will hold a BIG festival in my home town, Bandung, which is commemoration of Asian-African Conference in 1955 also Student Conference in 1956. It’ll become such a feast for us, make us re-contemplate our mighty heroes back then and continue their spirit for now!!! Be sure to visit! 🙂


P.S.: I read the news about Germanwings accident, many condolences for the Germanwings’ victims. God bless all of you…”


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