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Through Pain (DN Angel)


Dear Friends,

When I was in Junior High School, one of my fave manga, DN Angel (By: Sugisaki Yukiru) finally became an anime. The anime artwork is quite good, even it doesn’t really satisfy me, but one thing is really catching my attention: the Song Theme. Seriously, the melodies in this OST are completely stunning!

The composer is actually Takahito Eguchi, the one who also composed the masterpieces of Final Fantasy X OST.

Uwooo no wonder!

I’ll review one of my fave piano composition that I usually play in this Song Theme; “Through Pain” (It transcribed by Joshua C.A.)

Through Pain

As you can figure it out from the title, this composition has DEEP and REFLECTING melody and of course… painful . T_T

A quiet soft melody (‘piano’ mark) at the beginning.

Camera Effects-1424617755545Then a short controlled emotional crescendo and piano again. I love this one!

Camera Effects-1424617789890Then mezzopiano before climax. It sounds much more painful than before. T_T

Camera Effects-1424617817782Then here it comes! The most painfully lovely part of the composition.Camera Effects-1424617877362

Next, I interpret the climax as our feeling has already reach a hard painful level until we can not endure it anymore.We’ve already tried  to find many ways to solve it, to make it, but it never works. Just want to run away from all of those heavy things in the real world. Bury ourselves –completely despair and… disappear.

I put lots of interpretations in these bars.

Camera Effects-1424617926524Then at the ending, heart warming conclusion

Camera Effects-1424617946703

The Story Behind “Through Pain” Composition

Once there was a boy who has the “other me” inside him. His thought, his feeling, his behavior, his character, his style, and so on were completely opposite from the “other me”.

He said that “it is not me”, but he could not deny it nor reject it. His “other me” was inside him, a part of him.

The other me has a name; Dark. Logically, if we perceive someone whom is completely opposite from us and become the part of us that we don’t like, of course we can not accept it right?

So, then Dark became an enemy of him.

He was really suffering with Dark inside him. and Dark as well.

Day by day, He was already exhausted with Dark inside him, and Dark as well.

Then Dark said “how about if you try to accept me as the other you?”


He then realized how actually Dark has complete the other part of him. The other part that he could not complete, but Dark could.

He was now at ease, he accepted the “other me’ inside him, and that made him stronger.


Well, friends, sometimes we really sure about something. How we perceive ourselves, somebody else–people, even world. He’s bad, she’s good, this is bad for me, this is good for me, world is like this world is like that. Finally, we make many theories from those assumptions. The next level is judgement.

How about if we try a lil bit not to make an assumptions or even judge something so easily, too quickly, and start to think over it once again.

it sure takes time, and sometimes painful in the process, especially at the beginning.

However, the first key to begin with is Acceptance.




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