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LACIE (Pandora Hearts)

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LACIE written in a flat 😀 Arranged by: Porqui (I do not own this)

“I have a love of songs that get me out of the quotidian. I like operas. Operas are completely in their own world, aren’t they? Within the sanctuary of the opera house, they weave otherworldly spaces for four hours. I love such songs with vistas into other worlds―-songs that seem to distort the size of my rooms when I listen to them. When I make melodies in my own little way, the lyrics end up that way. Lyrics like “I bought three radishes and found them cheap aren’t relevant to my interests! It goes like “A traveler searching for eternity instead.”

— Yuki Kajiura

One of my fave composer is Yuki Kajiura. Her composes are masterpieces! Completely remarkable if I must say, every single piece sounds magical to me. Always make me think how come the “sound” can produce some “sound” in that way…

And frankly, I begin to know her masterpieces from few Anime I’ve watched.

Once, Yuki Kajiura had been composed my fave manga OST which is adapted to anime, PANDORA HERATS.

I found this arrangement in http://www.musescore.com. I love this site lately, because it could play the melody of the piece too! Unfortunately most arrangements here don’t have the interpretations, so I made it (simple interpretations) with the red ink as you can see

Finally, I found this written in a flat, because this supposed to be in 4 flats. The tempo could be Adagio with common time. Sweet but sorrowful and dark.

Camera Effects-1420815170578

I love the emotional part of crescendo.

Also piano and diminuendo parts.

Camera Effects-1420815241349


It has 3 different melody patterns (pay attention to the star I’ve marked).

And for certain parts you may use pedals, but I still cannot decided yet which part is best.

Camera Effects-1420815258046

The last sweetest part goes to dim.ritard in the end. epic!

You may check the Lacie’song info further here: http://pandorahearts.wikia.com/wiki/Lacie_%28Song%29

The story behind LACIE composition

It’s a Shounen (teen boy) manga with an angsty, dark and complicated story plot as well as stunning artwork. The genres are tragedy, tragedy, tragedy 😛

The author said the story is inspired by Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Carrol). The story is difficult to told, but I will make it in a very simple plot. This was probably set in England many centuries ago. The story begins with a noble boy named Oz Vessalius found a music pocket watch in a tomb near his mansion. The sound was very sweet, just like music box sound but this was inside a pocket watch.

The truth is actually the pocket watch was made by a noble young man Jack Vesalius (yeah let’s say Oz’s greaaaatttt grandpaaa—the truth is not *oops spoiler) many centuries ago. Jack made it for his beloved lover, Lacie (Jumble letters for ALICE). Lacie was his first and only lover. He loved Lacie very much and Lacie so. One of the reason was probably because Lacie had “rescued” him from his bum life when they were children, so now he able to become a part of noble family. Jack used many kind of filthy ways to gain this status though.

He is a capable young man, he made the pocket watch and the melody at once. The melody was taken from Lacie’s hum back then. He also played it in the piano with different version (more breath-taking melody). Jack grew up and became a “wise” noble young man. He seemed very nice and polite, many people like him, but the truth he is a psychopathic, and…lunatic I suppose.

Until one day, Lacie died for a reason that he couldn’t accept. Her obsession to her made him has a bunch of evil plans, the purpose is only to make a world for him and Lacie and erased all human being.

That’s the story behind this sweet frightening LACIE. It is truly dedicated for Lacie.


“Whenever it snows…I am reminded of those days…the day that you found me…and the day that I finally found you…and today… I lost you again, Lacie.’ and this time… Its for good” (Jack)

“It’s not true that you’ve lost everything. It’s just that…you’ve lost the will to live.” (Lacie)

For further story of Pandora Hearts: http://pandorahearts.wikia.com


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