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Memory of Mother (Tiny Snow fairy Sugar)

Dear friends,

Memory of Mother

This is the first arrangement I share to you. I do not own anything of this arrangement. It’s completely composed by Nobuyoshi Mitsumune transcribed by Althea Chia as Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar anime OST which I took for free at http://www.astra.pe.kr/pds/memory_of_mother.pdf

This arrangement sounds really heartwarming with fast tempo (allegro—140bpm) or you can interpret it as Rubato (with some freedom of time), connecting (legato) and ¾ time signature. So I need time to balance the tempo with the original one. You can classify this arrangement as an easy level, so I recommend this for you who begin to take the piano lesson.

I like to play this in G clef both right and left hand, it sounds more sweet. But since the original one performing in bass clef for left hand, so I play in this way as well. I’m sure you can see the different representation in both of it.

At the end, I combine it, first part I play the bass clef for left and G clef for right. It sounds more gracious.

Then refrain to the beginning. The second play—one clef climb– both hands are playing in G clef. It sounds more sweet and I put a little bit staccato in certain parts—the emotional one.

Camera Effects-1419644832898

Memory of Mother music sheet. its 3 long pages.

The Story behind Memory of Mother composition

I love this anime a lot. It’s very heart warming and make you smile alone 🙂

I wonder if the fairies are exist 😀

The story is based around 11-year-old Saga Bergman, a young girl in a small German town called Muhlenberg (based on the real town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany). Saga lives with her grandmother Regina and works in a coffee shop when not in school. Saga is extremely structured and plans her life down to the minute.

Her father had already passed

away since she was born, Ingrid Bergman, her mother was a famous pianist. She passed away in an accident when Saga was a little. Saga depressed and something that cure her depression is her mother’s composition. Before passed away her mother had been already composed some special melody for Saga. So that composition always recalls her memory of her mother. That’s the reason why this composition called a “Memory of Mother”.

You can check the full story of this anime here: http://alittlesnowfairysugar.wikia.com/

Camera Effects-1419645099073

*I love this emotional part of crescendo, I put lots of emotional feelings in this part, the sorrowful hidden in Saga’s cheerful face. Workaholic and good girl type who is yearning a mother’s love.

Camera Effects-1419645368779

*This one, higher pitch than before, one clef climb. It sounds really beautiful.

Camera Effects-1420096144226

*Diminuendo part with legato left hands are magical. The end of the second play I prefer use pp (pianossimo) not mp (mezzo piano) as noted and only hit the D and G keys for right. So, that’s indicating the end of the climax… no repetition.





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