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The Story of MUSIC

Dear Friends,


I always love music. I’ve learned how to play few instruments. I love all instruments, I love guitar, violin, triangle, also Indonesian traditional instruments such as angklung, calung, gamelan and etc.

Piano is something special for me. it sounds completely magical.. It produces lots of breath taking sound at once. So I decided to learn this further

I love fairytale, cartoon, anime, and so on, I suppose this influence a lot in my interest of playing piano. It always full of the stories. I believe that the composition delivers the own stories of the composer. Mozart, Chopin, Bach, yeah they represent lots of life stories through their music. Music for me is a STORY TELLING. That’s why I love it a lot.

Friends, I’ve heard somebody told me that math is the language of science, English is the international language, and… music is the language of emotion.

I’m not really good in expressing my honest opinion, but through music i can deliberately express it and hope the people can understand it. Well I can deny the fact of how powerful real communication is, but music is one of the way you can express your thinking/feeling–emotion in the other way–without words.

Well later, I will post the arrangement I love to play and the story behind it.




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