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My Postcard: BANDUNG city special edition

Dear friends,

Yep! these are Bandung city postcards, my beloved hometown…!

My fave one is the mosque in the Alun-Alun Bandung (Bandung’s Main Square) called Mesjid Agung, it has many cozy corners inside it. Also, the Wayang Puppet one, basically I love colors and puppet, so see this colorful wayang puppets postcard really enjoy me.

Camera Effects-1412064877845

One of our heritage landmark. Asia Afrika Museum-Gedung Merdeka (Independence Building)

Camera Effects-1412166947017

Mesjid Agung ( can be translated as GREAT Mosque), my fave one…

Camera Effects-1412064937049

Colorful Wayang Puppets… cute!

Camera Effects-1412064957457

Children are playing Angklung (Indonesia’s bamboo traditional music instrument- UNESCO Heritage)

Camera Effects-1412166984304

BATAGOR, my fave snack! It’s very yummy! Bandung is known as the best culinary town, so no wonder, as culinary hunter, this city spoils me a lot! >_<

Camera Effects-1412064913924

ENORMOUS DINOSAURS from Geology Museum, one of the biggest museum in my town.

Ah! I forget to mention, actually these are only available in Bandung’s main post office, so that’s why I called these as “special” edition.

Well, Well these postcards are the cheapest postcards I ever had, Rp. 2500 each, but the size is pretty big compared than any normal postcards size.

Camera Effects-1416896306823

One of the corner in Bandung Main Post Office.

Camera Effects-1416896378698

Another corner ( “Filateli” section corner). This corner fill your curiosity about the rare collection of some old stamps and letters. You can also buy the Bandung special edition postcard here.

Camera Effects-1416896347250

Ahhhh… Postcrossing being recognized! ^_^


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