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My Postcards: INDONESIA Tourism edition

Dear friends,

Indonesia Tourism postcards are one of my fave postcards. It shows a lot of breath-taking landscapes all around Indonesia. Including culture, building-architecture, natural objects, people, heritage, way of life and etc.I LOVE them all, but my fave one is Wayang Puppets, the Indonesia’s traditional puppet. The show called Wayang Puppet Show which is tell a lot of Indonesia folktales. The puppet characters are also designed based on it.

I can get this easily in post offices and certain book store, but the cheapest one is in the main post office. Rp. 3000 each.

Camera Effects-1416896402985

I get these postcards here in the Bandung main post office

Camera Effects-1416896449724

The postcards seller in front of the post office. The postcards have more various and cool pics which you can not find inside the main post office. The main post office only sell Bandung Edition postcards (I’ll post it on the other post later) *The sellers are under the orange-huge umbrella.

Camera Effects-1416896489310

Bandung’s Main Post Office Landmark

Camera Effects-1412064121537 Camera Effects-1412064147170 Camera Effects-1412064176662 Camera Effects-1412064216054  Camera Effects-1412064459155Camera Effects-1412064374193 Camera Effects-1412064338566 Camera Effects-1412064302641 Camera Effects-1412064258990  Camera Effects-1412064488991Camera Effects-1412064407879 Camera Effects-1412064524190 Camera Effects-1412064686048 Camera Effects-1412064735365 Camera Effects-1412064774895  Camera Effects-1412167080873     Camera Effects-1414468689497Camera Effects-1412064821595


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