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My Postcards: Tobucil Postcards

Dear Friends,

Tobucil is one of my fave handicraft shop as well as vintage book shop in Bandung.There are bunch of old books and rare items here.

You may check their website in http://www.tobucil.net/

This place is very cozy. It also has lots of communities for someone who want to share/learn further about music (esp Jazz and classic), knit, public speaking, and so on.

Camera Effects-1416378143933

Tobucil & Clubs. Jl. Aceh number 56, Bandung

Camera Effects-1416377453810

The Tagline of Tobucil šŸ™‚ epic!

Camera Effects-1416377307753

The founders and employee of Tobucil

Camera Effects-1416377434704

Center Shot!

Camera Effects-1416377220858

Sewing Corner…

Camera Effects-1416377198371

Little things corner. I found postcard in this corner šŸ˜€

When I tried to find postcards here, unfortunately the postcards collection is not too many. So, I only pick 3 of them, but these are quite “hard to find and unique” postcards.

Camera Effects-1416377120532



One of Indonesia’s folktale characther, Colorful Semar en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semar


Black & White Critical Postcards


Life and Dedication from Surabaya, one of the city in Indonesia


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