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My Postcards: Asia Afrika Conference (1955-2005) -Limited Edition

Dear Friends,

As I promised, I share my very own postcards here before i send it through POSTCROSSING.com to the people around the world.

I found these postcards at Jl. Braga, Bandung. Braga Street (official name in Indonesian: Jalan Braga) is a small street in the center of Bandung, Indonesia, which was famous in the 1920s as a promenade street. Chic cafes, boutiques and restaurants with European ambiance along the street had made the city to attain the Paris of Java nickname. The street starts from a T-junction with the Asia-Afrika Street (or De Groote Postweg during the colonial times) to the north until the city council (balaikota), which was formerly a coffee warehouse. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braga_Street)

It was exactly at the very old bookshop, called :Toko Buku Djawa (Djawa Book Shop, Djawa means Jawa or “Java” in English.) It’s a small book shop with vintage things. So lovely, I believe this book shop has lots of histories. It sells rare books, pictures from Old Braga, painting, magazine, newpapers, greeting cards, and postcards indeed. 🙂


Djawa Book Shop (Braga Steet No. 79, Bandung)


Rare books which are hard to find nowadays in my city 🙂


The Corner of the book shop. You can see the clerk is a nice grandma 🙂


Bunch of POSTACARDS! >_< These are Indonesia Tourism editions, I decided not to buy these, because the price is more expensive than the place I can also find these, which is Kantor Pos Pusat Kota Bandung Jl. Asia Afrika (the main Post Office of Bandung City, Jl. Asia Afrika)


This is a package of Asia Africa Conference -Limited Edition-. There are 6 postcards inside 🙂

So, Here you are My Asia Afrika Conference (1955-2005) -Limited Edition Postcards!

It shows the old landscape of Bandung’s trademarks. Check this link: http://ow.ly/EvI1 to see the change of the  landscapes nowadays!!!



Alexandria C.H.


The Old Landscape of Alun- Alun Bandung (Bandung City Center)


The Old Landscape of Pasar Baru (New Market–The name of the market is NEW-BARU) 🙂


The Old Landscape of Good Land Photo Shop


The Old Landscape of Asia Afrika Museum  (Asia Africa Conference Museum) (http://ow.ly/EvGHk)


The Old Landscape of Nationale Handelsbank


The Old Landscape of Stocker Bragaweg


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