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Wrap Paper : Cats, Rabbits, & Bears

Camera Effects-1415086361017

These are my cats-rabbits collection (on paper…hehehe) I love cats, rabbits, and bears a lot, theyre (brutally) cute >_<…:P that’s why, those 3 creatures always appeal me to collect them!

Camera Effects-1415086834330

and here you are! my dearest bears… love them! 😀

Camera Effects-1415086429463

this is my fave one from rabbit. Seems magical. I call this “Circus Rabbit”

Camera Effects-1415086387912

This one is may fave one from CATS!!! “Naughty Cat” ,,, somehow in their spoiled and innocent face… they are hiding their naughty side. wehehe

Camera Effects-1415086888659

This fave is from bear… “Bear’s Family”. It’s simple, cute, and heart warming at once! 🙂


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