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Dear friends,

Here you are! From now on I will share the collections of my very own postcards. Before I send it through postcrossing to the people around the world, I capture them in camera and share them here.

Now, I’ve collected around 20 different postcards pictures (including limited edition postcards). It’s totally fun to treasure them one by one and take a peek inside my box collection.

I’ll post them here seperately based on the edition and where I get them.

Its quite hard to find postcards in my home town, Bandung because… I dont know, I suppose there’s only some people who, nowadays still love sending a postcard to someone or maybe do the postcrossing activity like me. In Bandung postcards is seldomly selling in the regular book shop, but in some place that we can not expect it before, like OLD bookshop (well I call this vintage book shop because the OLD atmosphere in it) hehehe, library, stall market, and so on.

So I declare myself as Postcards hunter! Hmmm…is it exaggerate? 😛

Well, well ENJOY! 😀


Camera Effects-1416370069115

Take a peek inside my postcards box! 😀



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