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Wrap Paper : Floral

Camera Effects-1415082381214

I always love flowers. It has many different languages. You can express your feeling easily through flowers. and… sometimes I gasp with the language of flower because somehow it is not as I expected. For example yellow rose represents friendship and betrayal at the same time. So, flowers on wrap paper are the best to collect!

Camera Effects-1415082161353

Love these!!! 😀

Camera Effects-1415082447817

These are my fave one. Roses with the same design but different colors…

Camera Effects-1415082471235

This is a very lovely wrap paper. My fave one as well. Love with the color mix 🙂

Camera Effects-1415082994214

This one is also my fave, cute patterns! It has 3 patterns (the right side is kind a scrap jumble patterns, the center is a flowers, and the left side is flower with Batik pattern …


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