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Wrap Paper : Vintage

Camera Effects-1415087310712

These are my VINTAGE wrap paper collections. I love vintage things, so no wonder this wrap paper theme is the most I have. 🙂

Camera Effects-1415087347172

This is my 1st fave wrap paper in vintage theme. It explained all about Indonesian traditional food and the custom of how it served. It’s quite hard to find this wrap paper, so I included as a rare item 🙂

Camera Effects-1415087377562

I love oriental stuff. It’s always catch my attention. So, here it is my fave oriental wrap paper. The vintage “Kyoto Tourism Map”… wohoooo I hope someday I can visit Japan! >_<

Camera Effects-1415087418081

and this one is my 2nd fave vintage oriental wrap paper. The jumble patterns are really cool!

Camera Effects-1415087452625

and this is catch my attention as well. the bird is lovely mixed with flowers and text patterns

Camera Effects-1415087484422


Camera Effects-1415087610632

I love newspaper pattern, It’s always feel the real vintage 😀

Camera Effects-1415087579681

No need to explain! love this a lot! Letters, postcards, stamps, hand written text are always REALLY vintage! >_<v< dd=””>

Camera Effects-1415087654004

Wanderlust Envelopes… EPIC! >:)

Camera Effects-1415087516004

Different gradation of WARM colors of rulers… hmmm very nice!

Camera Effects-1415087709332

MAP is the best!

Camera Effects-1415087821436

MAP is the best! >_<


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