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Happy CRAFTING! >_<v

Dear friends,

My other hobby is collecting craft. I’m in love with wrap gift paper, knitting tools, lots of colorful threads, lovely designs of book mark, greeting cards, scrapbooks and many other things…

I feel like the RICHEST person all over the world if I have all of them! I treasure them all.

Firstly, I dont realize what kind of disorder is this?, some people said that this is kind of “collecting something unimportant” disorder :P…

and I began to realize it when I enter college, my collections have already a bunch!!! and… this is totally NOT a “collecting something unimportant” disorder. This is what we called as HOBBIES! 😀

I put these stuff in my room. When my friends entered my room, they often said that my room is like a museum, because the collections stuff (even the weirdest one i.e my dried flowers–not potpourri– collections) are exist in my room. This hobby is very exciting even I dont have any space for my own bed anymore.:(

Yep! these stuff quite need a lot of space… and my room ended messy… so I changed my bed into the smaller one. 🙂

I will post it in this blog with the tag of #Craft.



Alexandria C.H.


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