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About My Mail Box

Dear friends,

Yeayyyy finally, my postcards reach 13 today!!! my fave number!!!

So happy.

I guess the postman in my house district has accustom to my postcards. Before I begin this hobby, I dont have any mail box in my house. So, the postman dropped the letters and stuff directly through my house gate. Then, of course if someone has come then he/she would step on my postcards or if my family’s vehicles came back, it would ridden down my postcards.

The postman kept drop the letters and continue his duty without guilty (in Indonesia postmen ride a motorcycles). Well, yeah I know this is my fault though.

So I decided to buy a mail box and put it in front of my house gate. The price its quite expensive for me expensive for me, because I chose the best one since I’ll put it in front of the gate without rooftop.

… anyway, its worthed, and my district postman seems like happily put it inside my mail box.










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