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Dear friends,

Well, around last August 2014 ago my senior high school best friend told something interesting to me. Her name is Cinta (in English means “LOVE”). Beautiful name isn’t it.

However, she told me to join postcrossing.com.

What kind of site actually is this?


You can guess from the name, right? It’s all about POSTING activities which is one of my hobbies.>_<

“Send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world”.http://www.postcrossing.com/

That’s the tagline… classy. 🙂

Basicly, i love vintage stuff, my mom even called me as a Nini Anteh (It is Sundanese tribe Language which means “Geeky Grandma”), because of my interest in anything that smells vintage. Letters, brown things, boots, coins, knitting, ribbons, stamps, wrap papers, potpourri, etc.

No wonder, after my best friend told me about postcrossing I’m very exciting to begin this delightful hobby. Exchanging POSTCARDS!!!!

In Indonesia, especially my home town, Bandung, It’s very hard to find the people (especially around my age) to still write the letters or even send a postcard for certain celebrations. Most people tend to text an SMS or make a phone call or use an e-mail rather than using conventional post to send a message through letters, postcard and so on. yeah… I believe its not only in Indonesia though, but also all over the world that already familiar with smartphone and internet.

But still, I cant accept the fact that our precious postal office will go bankrupt  and the art of having pen-pals, writing letters, collecting stamps, and exchanging postcard will soon disappear. Disappear just like the wind that blows dust…fuuuuhhhh ;( … so sad… ;(

So… Yay!!! Here I am!

To fulfill my duty as a Postal Agent that will make a BANG! to change people to keep their love for using conventional post to deliver the message…Me, Alexandria, declare! I will be an active member in POSTCROSSING!!! (Well, this reason is only 1% though)

The rest 99% are just for my own interest to boost up my postcard and stamp collections 😛

Hehehe… just kidding,  that side only 1%. as well..

so, the rest of 98% i’m joining postcrossing is because I wanna meet brand new people and travel around the world. So, my postcards are my representatives of me. 🙂

Well, Happy Postcrossing!!!

and keep enjoying LIFE, friends!


Alexandria C.H.


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