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…Free Hearted, Warm Hearted…

This is my REAL 1st post in wordpress. Honestly I made this blog in 2012. I’ve inspired by one of my amazing friend who’s traveling around the world and write it in  very detail “report” about her journey in wordpress. That’s totally coooooool!!! >_<

So. by simply short-term emotion at that time I made this blog!!! tadaaaa…

but then I confused for what purpose this blog should be. There are too many things I wanna tell the world. Too many stories. Too many amazing things happen. Too many thoughts. Too many way of thinking. Too many feelings. Just too many.

After 2 years contemplation, (in 2013 I’ve posted the “prologue” in Indonesian language with hardly wavering feeling)  T_T… I cant bare it anymore… It’s too heavy to put bunch of things on my shoulder… ow so exaggerated! (blehhh :P) I wanna share it! Drag just by that simple thought.

Then, I’ve decided it’ll be perfect if I use this blog to tell everything I enjoy in sailing my life journey…. 🙂

So this is it! ENJOY! 😀

***This is my “amazing friend” that I’ve mentioned above.Check this out ^_^


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