#Alexandria C.H.#

Learn How to enjoy and explore LIFE

Prologue :)

Halo semuanya!

Hi there!
Greetings from Indonesia!!!:)
I live in the city of flowers, Bandung.
I’m a student and my side job is announcer in RRI (Radio Republic of Indonesia).
For me, Story Telling is really an exciting world, so my other activity in the weekend is volunteering as a story teller coach in some social communities.

In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, traveling, listening to the music, and photographing…
I love colors, magical things, fairytale, anime-manga (esp.GHIBLI’s & CLAMP’s),cartoon-comic (esp.Tim Burton’s), literature, tea, yummy food, cats, sneakers, vintage, people-culture, cross cultural anecdotes and unique places.

Saya suka menggunakan istilah “e-sharingstories” utk kegiatan nge-blog yang saya lakukan.

Cerita yang akan saya bagikan di blog ini adalah seputar hobi #hobbies# saya, yaitu:

(I’ll share the things in this blog with hashtags which are my HOBBIES:)

1. Membaca #BookWorm (Buku yang telah saya baca dan saya review)

2. Menulis (tentu saya sedang melakukan kegiatan ini dengan blog bukan ? :))

3. Craft, dan Postcrossing (#Craft #Postcrossing)

4. Menggambar (#Doodle)

5. Musik (#Music)

6.Jalan-Jalan (#Wanderlust)

7. Menonton (#KeepAnEye4Movies)

Jadi, baiklah kita berbagi cerita…

Warm regards, -Salam hangat,

Alexandria C.H.

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